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so im thinking about throwing a sort of party? thing some time...
i dont know if it will have anything to do with the triangle of awesome but im sure that they will all be attending it... whenever it happens. So therefore it will be the greatest party in all existance... no no not true BUT!!! yah wait greatest party in all existance.

Team Spectaculos And The Wicked Awesomes Rock Ass!
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So it happend and there were 10 people prestent i believe. Maybe next time we will give more of a notice and maybe next time we will play more than three songs that we jam maybe every 6 months.
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The Jam

To my understanding the greatest band of all times is going to be jamming this Friday.
I'm pretty sure it will take place at my house (only place with a drum set).
Unless we just do it wherever we feel like and go all acoustic style.
If it is at my house however I might turn it into like a sort of BBQ thing and we can invite a bunch of random people and shit. I will probably update the info when I find out exactly whats going on.
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This is Trey of Team Spectaculos and The Wicked Awesomes.
Team Spectaculos is a band... more like the band.
Im hoping there will be songs posted one day, but I cant say for sure.
I can say that the three members of the band will be posting random ramblings and unlocking the keys to the univeres?
This community is open to just about anyone who would like to join and see what Team Spectaculos is all about, or to anyone who wants to come in and ramble about whatever they feel like.

Punch me in the face,
T r e y
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